[Cybrid Technology]

Cybrid Technology is a software IT consultancy based in New York, London, and Zurich. We offer expert knowlege in Perl, C, Apache, Linux, and open source software. Our experience includes:

* System Architecture
* Database Design
* Web Development
* Network Security
* Technical Writing
* Copy Editing
* Finance & Banking

Cybrid clients include real-time data providers, banks and financial institutions, publishing companies, electronics manufacturers, design consultancies, and online content providers. If you think that we can help you, please contact us.

Peter Wainwright

Peter Wainwright is a freelance developer and software consultant specialising in Linux, Perl, Apache, and other open source projects. He got his first taste of programming on a BBC Micro and gained most of his early programming experience writing applications in C on Solaris. He then discovered Linux, followed shortly by Perl and Apache, and has been happily programming there ever since.

He is the author of Pro Apache, now in its third edition, and Pro Perl, now in its second edition, both from Apress.

When he is not engaged in development or writing books, he spends much of his free time maintaining the non-profit Space Future web site and writes the occasional article on space tourism. Outside of the software industry, he is a partner of Space Future Consulting, an international space tourism consultancy firm. He is primarily based in New York, partly in London, and may often be found working elsewhere in Europe.

A U.K. citizen, he holds a U.S. greencard. He may be contacted directly at Peter.Wainwright@cybrid.net.

Carol Pinchefsky

Carol Pinchefsky is a professional writer, copyeditor, and proofreader. Her experience spans multiple industries including medical, pharmaceutical, IT, aerospace, and advertising.

Her editorial experience includes both print and online magazines, government proposals, scientific papers and journal articles, fiction and non-fiction books, and several IT and aerospace titles. She is conversant in the Chicago, AMA, and AP manuals of style. Currently, she is the editor of the Space Future Journal and manages an international team of contributing writers.

As a professional writer, she has written advertising copy and promotional materials, technical documents, magazine articles, editorials, book and film reviews, and press releases. She is also an accomplished photographer with several book and album covers to her credit, and has sold promotional and portrait photography commercially. She is currently finishing her first novel.

She is a U.S. citizen based in New York but has permission to work in the United Kingdom. She may be contacted directly at Carol.Pinchefsky@cybrid.net.