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Pro Apache 3rd Edition is a complete reference to the Apache 2 web server. It presents Apache configuration from a task-oriented rather than feature-oriented perspective and anticipates the questions a web server administrator might ask. The book considers and contrasts multiple approaches, while examples illustrate how to combine different Apache features together. Detailed coverage is provided for building Apache from source and installing Apache on both Windows and Unix platforms, with notes on the differences between Apache 1.3 and Apache 2. For those who do not immediately plan to migrate to Apache 2, this new edition also caters to administrators running the latest releases of Apache 1.3.

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While the book contains substantial updates and improved examples, and has changed publisher, it keeps as closely as possible to the structure of the first and second editions, so those familiar with Professional Apache and Professional Apache 2.0 should have no trouble finding what they want in Pro Apache 3rd Edition.

This book was previously available as "Professional Apache 2.0" (2nd edition) and "Professional Apache" (1st edition).


"This is by far the best 'know all, end all' reference, bar none. My hat goes off to Peter Wainwright and Apress for opening up a whole new world to me, one that I would have never attempted before due to sheer horror of what I thought was an impassable mountain." More...

- Codewalkers.com

"All I can say about the content of this book is...wow. If you need to know something that relates to Apache in literally any way, it'll be in this book." More...

- Linux Today

"I've not read a better book on configuring a web server to this level of detail, and I believe that anyone managing an Apache system will benefit from reading it. Not only that, but they probably won't need to buy another book!" More...

- Sheffield Linux User's Group

"Whether you work with an Apache server on a daily basis or are just setting it up for the first time, "Professional Apache" is an indispensable tool that you really can't afford to be without." More...

- WebMasterBase

"I originally began browsing the book to find an answer. I found it, but kept reading for another 350 pages. The transitions from one topic to another are smooth and cohesive and the descriptions, augmented by figures and examples, are effectively presented....Professional Apache is an important addition to both the Apache server documentation and every administrator's reference library." More...

- Sys Admin Magazine

"Professional Apache will answer all the questions you may have concerning the Apache web server." More...

- Linux Journal

"It's jam packed with undocumented information and real world experience that everyone can learn from. The easy to understand and read explanations take the chore out of learning and truly make this book a pleasure." More...

- Linux Lookup

"Once you are familiar with the book's contents, it will make a fine reference guide." More...

- Apache Week

"There is something in this book for every one, Peter Wainwright shows his in-depth knowledge of Apache and explains it clearly using good examples. In comparison with the other "reference" books, it improves on the Definitive Guide by being more complete and on the Server Bible by having more in-depth information." More...

- First Monday

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"This book is the best book covering Apache that I have seen, and this is after comparing this to Apache: The Definitive Guide by O'Reilly Press." More...

- Amazon

"As much as I enjoy O'Reilly books their Apache book is but a pale shadow compared to this one. I will be using this book for a long time to come." More...

- Bookpool

"I immediately found some solutions I'd never have found just poking through the on-line reference. I love this book!" More...

- The Bookstore

"This book covers almost every imaginable topic about the Apache web server that one can even think of! It solved my problems and also taught me new tricks to make my job as a web host easier." More...

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