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Pro Perl 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Perl programming language. It covers the fundamentals of values and variables through regular expressions and file handling to writing modules, object oriented programming, and process/thread management. Advanced topics include the internals of the Perl interpreter and integrating Perl and C. Every aspect of the language is examined, with examples for Perl 5.8 and notes for earlier versions.

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Now in its second edition, with updated content and brand new chapters, this book presents a complete guide to Perl. It is densley packed with information aimed at the professional Perl programmer and is not suitable to beginners. For an introductory book to the Perl programming language, see Beginning Perl.

This book was previously available as "Professional Perl Programming" (1st edition).


"Professional Perl Programming is packed with technical detail and advanced scripting features. As a result, this book is the ideal choice for experienced programmers getting started with Perl, or [those] who have learned the basics and are looking for more detail." More...

- WebMasterBase

"Those of us who have met Peter Wainwright and Simon Cozens will know that there isn't much point in questioning their capabilities. There is a feeling of thoroughness and depth throughout that won't leave too many questions to ask of Perl people on the internet." More...

- Sheffield Linux User Group

"...I'm happy to announce that I've come across a jewel. Professional Perl Programming, by Peter Wainwright et al, is a terrific book....Professional Perl Programming will help you expand your knowledge of everyday programming tasks? Its a book I wish I'd had for some of the programming that I've done over the last couple of years." More...

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"It's one of the best books out there for gaining expertise with Perl. It's the book you need if you want to integrate Perl with other languages, or you're interested in networking, or want to learn more about internationalization." More...

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"If you're ready to get serious about Perl, then you definitely need this book. In it you will find in-depth coverage of topics such as regular expressions, debugging and profiling, object oriented programming, as well as using and creating modules and packages. Plus, you'll learn how to write portable Perl code, learn about Perl's internals, and how to integrate Perl with other languages, such as C." More...

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"[Professional Perl Programming] covers almost all aspects of the language and in some places even provides details about Perl's internal functions. This helps to understand the strength and the limitations of certain features. It helps to write more optimal code? Reading the book I learned some new details and had a lot of new ideas on how to make the Perl code I write better." More...

- Linux Focus

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"Pro Perl is highly recommended to everyone from the complete novice to advanced level Perl programmer..." More...

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"I wish I had this when I first picked up the Camel Book." More...

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"It encourages a person like me to not only learn this language but to master it for my professional use." More...

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"So far, the book has done a great job covering all my industrial-strength Perl questions with _examples that work_ and clear, concise explanations of the methods and the context. I find that the examples are really applicable to my professional needs as a contract Perl programmer." More...

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"If you're hungry for Perl information you'll be well fed here." More... [PDF]

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Interviews and Miscellaneous

The Usual Suspects (KLAV)

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